Vigilante Crew Pack


The NPCs featured in this Vigilante Crew Pack are:


    • Imani Kaamil – Human Vigilante Leader 
      • Background: Imani’s family were once very poor. they lived in the slums of the city. Her parents, though being dealt a hard hand in life, were determined to change their situation. They each worked multiple jobs while studying medicine/alchemy. After saving enough money and graduating, they opened a family-run medical practice in a more affluent part of the city. Imani was born into this middle class life. Her parents made sure she knew the struggles they had endured and that many less fortunate people still deal with those same struggles today. This resonated with Imani. She vowed to help those less fortunate than her at any cost, thus assuming the role of “The Scarlett Guardian”, saviour of the poor, shadow of the night and protector of the vulnerable. As her reputation grew she was sought out and recruited to be the new leader of the vigilante crew.


    • Ólafur – Human Chief Battle Strategist
      • Background: Ólafur came from humble beginnings. he grew up poor, having to work to keep his family afloat. During the day he was a metalworker, repairing the city’s infrastructure and pipes. At night you could find him taking classes at the local arcane college. Ólafur managed to graduate as top of his wizarding class with an expertise in magical battle strategy. Using his newfound skills, he chose to punish the Imperial oppressors by creating The Runners. This vigilante group operates in the shadows, stealing from those with full pockets to give to those with no pockets. Using his impeccable scouting skills and perfect strategic planning, Ólafur and his crew conducted hundreds of heists. In recent years, Ólafur plays a more passive role in the Runner’s operation, leading from afar, to allow for a semi-retirement in which he can practice his other passions, cartography and painting. Do not get it twisted, this man though old and in the shadows, is still one of the most powerful and learned wizards to ever walk this plane.


    • Serge “The Messenger” Contreras – Human Gunslinger
      • Background: Serge was an orphan, raised in a travelling circus where he learned many a sly and crafty skill. Years of a life on the road without a family wore on him. While the circus was visiting a large city, he ventured out for a drink and eventually stumbled into the night to cat burglar a warehouse. Upon his entry into what looked like a bizarre invention laboratory, Serge was ambushed by a two-headed gnomish artificer pressing a loaded slingshot to his groin. This tense stand-off and awkward de-escalation were the start of one of Serge’s only true friendships. Since that night, Serge and the conjoined gnome twins became partners in mayhem together. Their talents were noticed and they were all recruited by a vigilante crew. Serge’s role consists of being point man in the field as well as the team’s resident firearms expert. As Serge’s gun-play reputation grew, he took on the pseudonym, “The Messenger”. He’ll assure anyone who cares to listen, that you don’t ever, won’t ever and can’t ever kill The Messenger.


    • Nikola and Antonio Belucci – Gnome Inventor Twins
      • Background: Niko “know what I mean” and Tony “two times” Belucci grew up as outcasts due to their congenital condition. In adolescence they each developed their own verbal tick as a coping mechanism. Niko finishes every sentence (and we mean every sentence) with “know what I mean”. And Tony repeats the last word in every phrase (phrase). Their salvation from the constant mockery and judgement of others was discovering a love and natural talent for technology & the magical arts. Over time, they gained mastery in merging these two fields to create wonderous and kooky inventions. In the end, the combined intellect and ingenuity of these “inseparable” brothers has transformed them into a formidable force to be reckoned with. They were recruited into a team of vigilantes to invent gadgets and tools to assist their new crew with its clandestine operations.


In this GAME READY Vigilante Crew Pack (Part of our SKY REALM Setting) you’ll get Imani Kaamil, Ólafur, Serge “The Messenger” Contreras and Nikola & Antonio Belucci. The following assets for all four NPCs are yours:


    • – High Res Original Artwork of all images on transparent backgrounds, including bonus images of Imani Kaamil (in stealth mode) and a diagram of Serge Contreras’ reverse-action pistol, Hermes, “The Soul Conductor”.
    • – Full Stat Blocks
    • – Biographies and Special Features
    • – Custom Playing Tokens to import into your virtual tabletop of choice
    • – Additional Printer Friendly Format for all content

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