Mafia Crew Pack


The NPCs featured in this Mafia Crew Pack are:


    • Don León – Rakshasa Mafia Don
      • Background: After Don Ignacio, the original Godfather of The Claw Mafia Family, was lured into a trap and killed by the leaders of the tyrannous Imperial State that opposes him. His son, Leo, rose to assume his father’s title and power. As the newly crowned Godfather of The Claw, “Don León” promised to bring salvation to those under the oppressive regime of the Imperials. In the ensuing years, while also growing the family enterprise, his goal of salvation for the people seemed more and more lost as the new Don’s merciless reputation grew. Now, Don León, known for both his stoic leadership and murderous rage, leads one of the most powerful criminal organisations in the world. his current aim of gaining more allies within the affluent part of town, is to expand The Claw’s territory, applying more pressure to his enemies.


    • “City Boii” Thonk – Hill Giant Bodyguard to the Don
      • Background: Being 2/3rds the height of a normal Hill Giant, Thonk was the runt of his pack. His kind saw him as weak and inferior, and thus tried to eat him when food was scarce. Heavily wounded, Thonk managed to escape, only to be discovered by none other than The Mafia Don from a nearby city who happened to be holidaying at his cabin in the woods. The Don took a liking to Thonk’s gentle nature and immeasurable strength. After The Don nursed Thonk back to health, the two struck an agreement that Thonk would be the Don’s personal bodyguard, crushing anyone’s skull at the command of his new Boss. In exchange, The Don promised Thonk a lavish lifestyle and a family forever. Thus, “City Boii” was born.


    • Constantine Plainview – Human Mafia Capo and Knife/Dagger Specialist
      • Background: Constantine, Con for short, had a rough upbringing in the slums of the city. Frequently, he found himself in trouble with the authorities. whether it be thieving food to survive, vandalism or charming his way into wealthy people’s lives just to rip them off, he was always running some sort of gambit. While Con served a stint in a local jail, the young son of Don Ignacio, the city’s Mafia Godfather, was brought in to custody. The two hit it off immediately, sharing stories of rambunctious escapades and cunning hustles. The next day The Don arrived to pay his kid’s bail. before leaving, The Don’s son pleaded for the release of Con, proclaiming he would be a valuable asset to the family. Years later, The Don died and his son, Con’s “best friend & brother”, assumed the mantle of Mafia Godfather, promoting Con to his Lead Capo and right-hand man. Initially, Con was elated to stand by his brother, but old habits die hard. As years passed, greed and jealousy seeped back into Con’s life. In recent days, Con’s mind is filled with plots to overthrow his once brother and assume total power of the Mafia.


    • “Uncle” Faisel – Arcanaloth Consigliere to the Don
      • Background: Known only as “Uncle” Faisel, in his heyday this elderly looking arcanaloth was one of the most powerful spellcasters in all the land while also sitting atop the mafia family tree as the Mafia Don’s right-hand man and personal advisor. After his boss and good friend was lured into a trap in which Faisel fell for as well, the Mafia Don was killed in cold blood in front of him. From that moment on, Faisel vowed to run the mafia and care for the Don’s son until the young successor came of age and was able to run his father’s criminal empire. Nowadays, and in the background, old “Uncle” Faisel acts as an advisor and consigliere to the new Don, the now fully grown, powerful and ruthless son of his long lost friend. Currently, in his old age and newfound softness for the world, Faisel wishes The new Don would retire young enough to have a more peaceful ending to his life, unlike his father.



In this GAME READY  Mafia Crew Pack (Part of our SKY REALM Setting) you’ll get Don León, “City Boii” Thonk, Constantine Plainview and “Uncle” Faisel.


As an extra bonus, we’re also throwing in three magical items (Don León’s Celestial Spine Cane, Constantine Plainview’s Gold Tooth of Charming and City Boii Thonk’s Knuckle Dusters) to round out the Mafia Crew Pack.


The following assets for all four NPCs are yours:


  • High Res Original Artwork of all images on transparent backgrounds, including bonus images of Don León (in attach mode) and “Uncle Faisel” (on the move).
  • Full Stat Blocks
  • Biographies and Special Features
  • Custom Playing Tokens to import into your virtual tabletop of choice
  • – Additional Printer Friendly Format for all content

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